Born in 1978, in Guandong, China, Ying Gee came to Creative Growth with a strong aptitude for drawing and painting. Though relatively new to the studio, Zhou has created numerous works with a focus on painting, both on paper as well as textiles. Her loose, punctuated style is reminiscent of Warhol’s fashion drawings and is simultaneously very much her own. Using fashion and entertainment magazines as source material, Ying Gee translates a static ad into a dynamic portrait. In order to stay afloat in our watery world of icons and images, we rarely digest everything we see. Ying Gee on the other hand, surrounded by a foreign culture, renders theses images as a form of translation, perhaps searching for something more human, more complex than what lies on the surface of a glossy Hollywood photograph.
In addition to numerous Creative Growth gallery shows, Ying Gee has shown at Gallery Paule Anglim in San Francisco and at the 2012 New Art Dealer’s Alliance Fair in Miami. She has attended Creative Growth since 2010.

Photos from Artspace (© of Creative Growth, Oakland):
1) Untitled, 2016, watercolor, pen and ink on paper
2) Untitled, 2016, watercolor, pen and ink on paper
3) Untitled, 2012, watercolor, pen and ink on paper

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