Tomoyuki Shinki was born in 1982 in Osaka. He’s an avid fan of combat sports, like wrestling and boxing, judo and Muay Thai.
Shinki uses a computer to draw contorted opponens, sometimes black and white but more often vividly colored. In bold cartoonish scenes, Shinki’s fighters punch, grab, pull, smash, and flip each other around. The figures are hulking and muscular, and the activity leaps off the paper.The black lines accurately depict the intertwined, muscular bodies of wrestlers and recreate dynamic matches. The white backdrop allows us to follow the dark lines through the action and over the contenders’ rippling bodies: the absence of crowd concentrates our focus on the heaving forms.
Shinki is inspired by real matches. “Left Upper Cut” (work of 2010) looks to be based on a still from a 1985 matchup between Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks, in which Holmes lost to Spinks after fifteen rounds.

1) © Museum of Everything
2) © Museum of Everything
3) Right straight punch to the body, 2006, pen and colored pencil on paper © Atelier Incurve

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