MARTÍN RAMÍREZ(1895-1960 | MEXICO/CALIFORNIA) Martín Ramírez was born in 1895 in Jalisco, Mexico. Widely considered one of the 20th century’s self-taught masters of drawing, he produced some 500 drawings and collages during the 15 years he spent as a psychiatric inmate at DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn, California.Thrust by political and religious upheavals caused by […]


LAS POZASEDWARD JAMES(1907-1984 | MEXICO) The large-scale flowing construction of Las Pozas, set in the remote Mexican jungle, was devised by the eccentric English aristocrat Edward James. A poet and patron of Surrealist artists, James fell in love with this isolated area in 1945 on a trip to Xilitla. By 1962 James was able to […]

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