Outliers in Washington

OUTLIERS IN WASHINGTON Outliers and American Vanguard Art is the first major exhibition to explore the key moments in American art history when avant-garde artists and outsiders intersected, and how their interchanges ushered in new paradigms based on inclusion, integration, and assimilation. On view in the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, […]


WILLIAM EDMONDSON 1870 ca.-1951 | AMERICA William Edmondson was the first Afro-American artist to have one-man show at MoMA in New York. He was born in the ’70s, in Tenessee, the son of freed slaves. He went to work at sixteen years of age as a manual laborer, railroad man, farm hand, fireman, and hospital janitor, and […]


MARIA PRIMACHENKO (1908-1997, UKRAINE) Maria Primachenko was born in Bolotnya, a village near Chernobyl (Kyiv), in 1908. As a young girl, she contracted polio, and this grave illness affected her childood’s life. At an early age she used to paint the interior of her home and of her neighbours. Primachenko’s works caught the eye of Tetiana […]

Maria Primachenko

MARIA PRIMACHENKO (1908-1997, UCRAINA) Maria Primachenko è nata a Bolotnya, villaggio nella zona di Chernobyl, nel 1908. Da piccola contrasse la poliomelite, che gravò molto durante tutta la giovinezza.Iniziò precocemente a dipingere le pareti della sua casa e quelle dei suoi vicini ed i suoi lavori vennero notati da Tetiana Floru. Nel 1936, Primachenko venne […]


HUNG TUNG (1920-1987, TAIWAN) Hung Tung was born in 1920, in a small fishing village near Tainan, in the south of Taiwan. The land was poor and people’s lives were very hard. Hung Tung’s father was dead when he was born and his mother died when he was four. With no money in the family […]

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