The world of Tommaso Buldini (1979, Bologna – Italy) is made up of innards, devils, bodies (whole or in pieces), Medusa’s heads and skeletons, in addition to other references such as medieval representations, Gummo movie, Méliès, Bosch and Art Brut. I decided to start the new Contamination section of Outsider Art Now with an article about him. In fact, Contamination includes […]

Outliers in Washington

OUTLIERS AND AMERICAN VANGUARD ARTNational Gallery of Art, Washington: 28.01.18 – 13.05.18High Museum of Art, Atlanta: 24.06.18 – 30.09.18 Los Angeles County Museum of Art: 18.11.18 – 18.03.19 Outliers and American Vanguard Art is the first major exhibition to explore the key moments in American art history when avant-garde artists and outsiders intersected, and how their […]

25 years

Outsider Art Fair, New York – January 19-22, 2017 A week ago, between the jet lag and long coffee, I went to the Outsider Art Fair which turns 25 this year, like me. Founded by Sanford L. Smith, to its beginnings it counted 25 exhibitors. Now there were 66 galleries from 9 countries.Unlike the beginning, now […]


CURZIO DI GIOVANNI(1957 | ITALY) Curzio di Giovanni was born in 1957, originally from Lodi (Milan region, Italy). An organic infection delays his mental development and forces him to stay in the psychiatric environment for a long time, until he was admitted to a hospital near Pavia in 1979.  Here Di Giovanni starts collecting objects, […]

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