Nanjing Outsider Art Studio

The Nanjing Outsider Art Studio, founded by Guo Haiping in 2006, is the first experience of an Art Therapy laboratory in China. I asked some questions to find out more about this reality. How did the idea of creating this laboratory come from? Guo Haiping’s outsider art practice began in 2006 when he opened an […]

Art Brut Film Olomouc 2018

ART BRUT FILM OLOMOUC 2018 On March 22, 2018, at the Muzeum umění Olomouc (Czech Republic) will take place the seventh edition of the film festival Art Brut Film Olomouc.I asked Pavel Konečný, organizer of the Festival, some questions to find out more about this event and the program of this year. G) Art Brut Film Olomouc […]


ALOÏSE CORBAZ (1886-1964, SWITZERLAND) Aloïse Corbaz was a cultured and educated woman who worked ad a private tutor at the German court of Kaiser Wilhelm II, where she taught his pastor’s daughter.Before that, she had wanted to become a singer. On developing an over-powering infatuation with the Kaiser, her mental state became increasingly agitated and […]

Notes (OAF, Paris 2017)

Vai alla versione italiana Outsider Art Fair, Paris – October 19-22, 2017 The Outsider Art Fair (Paris edition) has really satisfied all tastes, from the big names of art brut to new discoveries and new participations. For example, the Outsider Art Museum in Amsterdam contributed to “refresh” this edition bringing a number of very interesting […]


HENRI DARGER (1892-1973, CHICAGO, USA) “The story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion”, or 15.000 pages discovered by chance by Nathan Lerner, the owners of a Chicago room where a lonely man spent part of his life. […]

Art brut & design?

Vai alla versione italiana Yesterday, for Varese Design Week, Nicola Mazzeo (Rizomi Art Brut) and I were invited as Artètipi to talk about the possible relationships between art brut and design. Two worlds seemingly incongruous. Design, in its various meanings, creates consumer objects, places, spaces, and relationships between people through a creative solution to the problems […]

Outsiders are still in Venice

Vai alla versione italiana Three “outsider” artists at Venice Biennale 2017 Open to the public from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th 2017, at the Giardini and the Arsenale, the 57th International Art Exhibition, titled VIVA ARTE VIVA, will be curated by Christine Marcel and organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta. The Exhibition will also […]


United States Philadelphia Wireman è il nome dato ad uno sconosciuto creatore di circa 1.200 piccole sculture tridimensionali scoperte da Robert Leich in una strada di Philadelphia alla fine degli anni ’70. “È stato un caso che queste opere siano sopravvissute,” spiega il collezionista e gallerista John Ollman a The Huffington Post “probabilmente ci saranno […]

25 years

Vai alla versione italiana Outsider Art Fair, New York – January 19-22, 2017 A week ago, between the jet lag and long coffee, I went to the Outsider Art Fair which turns 25 this year, like me. Founded by Sanford L. Smith, to its beginnings it counted 25 exhibitors. Now there were 66 galleries from […]


NOF4 (Oreste Fernando Nannetti)1927-1994 | Italy   Volterra, Padiglione Ferri, NOF4 Photo: © Gloria Marchini La Legge 180 del 13 maggio 1978, nota anche come Legge Basaglia, ha permesso la chiusura degli ospedali psichiatrici italiani: i pazienti furono trasferiti in specifici reparti degli ospedali civili, mentre le costruzioni vennero gradualmente abbandonate o riconvertite.Il manicomio di San Girolamo di […]


NORIMITSU KOKUBO (1995, SHIGA PREFECTURE, JAPAN) Norimitsu Kokubo started drawing in the period of elementary school, to “exorcise” his introversion and lacking in social skills.He would keep drawing quietly in notebooks and any other pieces of paper available, such as the back sides of calendars or advertisement flyers.His amazing meticulous works are cover by details: […]


CHIYUKI SAKAGAMI (1961, JAPAN) Chiyuki Sakagami was born in 1961 in Japan. Now she lives in Kobe, but she claims that she was born 6 billion years ago in the Precambrian sea, where the fish have sought her to survive in the ocean waters.  After exploring different continents she has found herself on a volcanic island, awakened […]


FAUSTO BADARI (1962, ITALY) Fausto Badari was born in Roverbella, Italy. His parents suffered from psychic disorders and lived in great poverty. Fragile since childhood, his condition deteriorated through lack of support, and worsened when his father died in 1992. He was in and out of a home until 2004. But his mental health continued […]


MARIE-ROSE LORTET (1945, FRANCE) Marie-Rose Lortet, originally from Strasbourg, began knitting at an early age, inspired by the tradition which ran throughout the female members of her family. Creating small fabric pictures and textile pieces, her knit work was never of a conventional nature. In 1967, with the attention and encouragement of Jean Dubuffet, Lortet’s […]

Johann Hauser

JOHANN HAUSER (1926-1996, AUSTRIA) Johann Hauser è nato vicino a Bratislava, Slovacchia. Sin da bambino fu inserito in una scuola speciale rimanendo analfabeta. Considerato “debole di mente” fu ammesso in un’istituzione psichiatrica dove venne descritto come sognatore, impulsivo e litigioso. Nel 1949 è stato trasferito in un ospedale psichiatrico a Klosterneuburg, vicino a Vienna, dove sarebbe […]

Charles Benefiel

CHARLES BENEFIEL (1967, USA) Charles Benefiel è nato a Venice Beach, California. Le sue opere altamente dettagliate riflettono il suo disturbo ossessivo compulsivo. Utilizzando penne professionali, disegna una serie di punti atti a formare i suoi lavori, invasi da numeri e figure geometriche uniformi. Crea le sue opere a mano libera, senza l’ausilio di immagini […]


HUNG TUNG (1920-1987, TAIWAN) Hung Tung was born in 1920, in a small fishing village near Tainan, in the south of Taiwan. The land was poor and people’s lives were very hard. Hung Tung’s father was dead when he was born and his mother died when he was four. With no money in the family […]


JOAQUIM VICENS GIRONELLA 1911-1997 | SPAIN Joaquim Vicens Gironella was born in Agullana, in Catalonia, near the French border. As most of his family worked as cork makers, he was initiated to the same craft. During his adolescence he wrote articles and poems celebrating the qualities of cork oak for local press. He also wrote […]


MELINA RICCIO (1951, ITALY) Carmela “Melina” Riccio, was born in 1951, in Ariano Irpino (Italy). Until the age of 33 she spent a common life taking care of her three children; she had worked as a modeller.In 1983, during the MACEF fair (International Home Show), she exhibited her realization, a bedspread with hand-painted lampshades and […]

Scottie Wilson

SCOTTIE WILSON (LOUIS FREEMAN, 1888-1972, SCOZIA) “Quando dipingo posso vedere cosa succede e posso immaginare cosa succederà.” Scottie Wilson (vero nome, Louis Freeman) è nato nel 1888 da un’umile famiglia di immigrati lituani a Glasgow, Scozia. Da bambino non ha potuto completare gli studi per poter aiutare economicamente la famiglia; in gioventù ha potuto viaggiare […]

Ionel Talpazan

IONEL TALPAZAN (1955-2015 , ROMANIA) L’artista autodidatta Ionel Talpazan è nato a Petrachioaia, Romania. All’età di 8 anni, in sogno, ha avuto un’esperienza ultrasensoriale in cui ha constatato la presenza di UFO. Da quel momento Ionel ha cercato di spiegare la conoscenza acquisita sulla tecnologia UFO attraverso i suoi disegni.Nel 1987 riesce a scappare dalla […]


HELMUT (1945, GERMANY) Helmut Nimczewski was born in Heidelberg, Germany, and he was brought up by his mother because he never knew his father.Retarded, probably as a result of brain damage caused by his epilepsy, he was put in several institutions and psychiatric hospital. Then he moved to a sheltered home in Hamburg where he […]


HELMUT (1945, GERMANIA) Helmut Nimczewski è nato ad Heidelberg nel 1945, in Germania, cresciuto solo dalla madre, non avendo conosciuto il padre. Ritardato, probabilmente a causa dei danni celebrati dalla sua epilessia, è stato inserito in diverse strutture e ospedali psichiatrici. Successivamente trova casa ad Amburgo, dove ama passeggiare con la sua macchina fotografica. Helmut ama […]


MIROSLAV TICHY (1926-2011, CZECH REPUBLIC) I am not a painter. Nor a sculptor. Neither a writer. I’m retired Tarzan. Miroslav Tichy Miroslav Tichý was a photographer who from the 1960s until 1985 took thousands of pictures of women in his hometown of Kyjow, in the Czech Republic, where he was born in 1926, using homemade […]


JILL GALLIENI (1948, FRANCE) Jill Galliéni was born in 1948 to an American mother and a French father who was an actor. Brought up away from her parents, her father took over her care when she was seven.Jill always creates strange fabric dolls and turned to prayer towards the age of thirty as a way […]

Serge Delaunay

In his works colours are rare: in fact he uses black felt pen on large sheets of paper to draw mainly cars and spaceships. Delaunay is captivated by science, outer space, spacecraft, car mechanics, various architecture e robots.

Curzio Di Giovanni

1957, Italy Curzio di Giovanni was born in 1957, originally from Lodi (Milan region, Italy). An organic infection delays his mental development and forces him to stay in the psychiatric environment for a long time, until he was admitted to a hospital near Pavia in 1979.  Here Di Giovanni starts collecting objects, kept in his […]

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