“Solange Knopf was born in Brussels in 1957. Like many others of her generation she dipped in and out of the world counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s and travelled the globe (India, Afghanistan, Iran, Morocco). Circumstances led to some personal tragedies and drawing became a way of assuaging pain, depression and confusion, confronting her own and other’s demons to give her life a focus” (from Spirit Codex: Drawings By Solange Knopf). 
Here are presented some works of the earlier series “Behind the Darkness” and “Spirit Codex”: this works differs from Solange’s previous works, the scrolls, for her willingness to work intuitively and with improvisation.
“She may have depicted a world but she is the guide to that world. (…) She will guide you through its canals in a gondola of smooth movement and grace but she will not explain all of it to you. She is happy to keep it as a Mystery to herself as well. (…) This is a different kind of narrative. More of a chant than a story. The disconnects cause the tensions that draw us in“.

[Text from: Catalogue – ” Spirit Codex” New drawings by Solange Knopf, © Randall Morris, 2013,]

1) Behind the Darkness No. 10, 2014 © Solange Knopf
2) Astral Odyssey, 2014 © Solange Knopf
3) Behind the darkness, 2014 © Solange Knopf
4) Behind the darkness, 2014 © Solange Knopf
5) Spirit Codex, 2014 © Solange Knopf

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