Presented by Museum Ovartaci & Business Park Skejby
Location: Business Park Skejby, 8200 Aarhus
Starting from: May 10, 2017

Museum Ovartaci is dedicated to the history of the psychiatric treatment and art produced by patients at the Risskov Psychiatric Hospital (Aarhus, Denmark). It is a part of Aarhus University Hospital and resides and the same buildings as the Psychiatric Hospital in Risskov. In addition to exhibitions, the museum offers social programs directed at psychiatric patients such as an open atelier and creative workshops.
Its collection consists of 12.000 works by psychiatric patients of which 850 are on display. It is a growing collection and the museum still receives donations of outsider art from all over the country. Central to the exhibition are the works by the painter and sculptor Louis Marcussen (Ovartaci), who was a patient in the hospital for 56 years.
In connection with Aarhus title as European Capital of Culture, the museum is planning a big and unique exhibition called OVARTACI FIELDS. The exhibition consists of 10 smaller exhibitions displaying art from different artists inside the buildings of 7 big corporate organizations, 2 educational institutions and 1 pop-up museum build for the occasion.
The aim of the exhibitions is to spread awareness about the special qualities of outsider art in a forum where you would normally never come by this type of art.
The placing of art in the business world is not a new phenomenon, but in most cases when art and business joined forces it is on the terms of the business: the firm or corporation might order a certain piece of art symbolizing something important to the company – something that ‘fits in’. In this case, they are installing art that does not fit in and art that exists only on its own terms.
The Museum presents the exhibition in association with Business Park Skejby.

Pop up Museum
Photo sent from Museum Ovartaci
Photo sent from Museum Ovartaci