British artist, author and punk musician Nick Blinko creates incredibly intricate artworks that reflect the religious and macabre. His crowded landscapes, abundant with symbol and suggestion, depict melancholy and paranoia and serve as a link between the virulence of the punk movement and the catharsis of outsider art. Blinko has produced pictures from a young age, designing coats-of-arms for dolls and producing copies of Nicholas Hilliard’s Elizabetian miniatures. From the mid.1980s he created some wholly original masterworks, spending hours every day sitting cross-legged on a bed in deep, melancholic concentration, using the fines of pens to obsessively create patterns with fanatical attention to detail. After suicide attempts and periods spent in istitutions, Blinko realised how his medication affected his brain, hand and eye coordination, and how disregarding the drugs allowed him to fully utilise the productivity of his delusions to create such original, scrupulosly detailed works.

1) Untitled, 2017 (
2) © Henry Boxer Gallery, Richmond
3) © Henry Boxer Gallery, Richmond

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