Mohammad Kazemzadeh is a young iranian artist born on January 31, 1992. He should have been born with a twin, but doctors could only bring him to this world.
Early childhood years prior to primary school, made Mohammad’s disabilities apparent and he began speech and behavior therapy under the supervision of specialists. At the age of 6, he was miraculously saved by doctor from Meningitis. He was forced to enter the special children’s program as experts did not deem him fit to study at the regular program. Later that year, he was had a heart operation and was kept at the special care until due to the obstruction in his lungs. At 14, his extensive stays at the hospital continued as he was operated on due to issues caused by the twist in his spine. After the Middle school he began his artistic activities with the support of his parents.
His artistic life began in 2009 under the observation of his teacher, Maryam Taherianfar: he gradually revealed his innate artistic talent and his odd world. He is currently practicing painting, sculpture and plays the piano under the instruction of his teachers.
Mohammad feels free to use different materials: his paintings, often characterized by vibrant colors, are realized with different tools like markers, pastels, pencil colors and pens. He doesn’t have a specific subject and everyday he works with different characters, like elements of nature or details of his lifestyle. He draws flowers, anthropomorphic figures recognizable through deep eyes and other figures with his specific but always different vision.

A special thanks to Mr. Morteza Zahedi for having kindly provided the biographical information about Mohammad and for the images.

Photos: © Morteza Zahedi Personal Collection 

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