Biographical details about the reclusive Mark Beyer, from Bethlem, Pennsylvania, remain limited. His artistic career kick-started when his first comic strips were published, leading to a number of invitations to contribute to various titles, however the abstracted violence of Beyer’s subject matter and his “self-taught” approach to drawing, had minority appeal.
Going on to produce live mini-comics and two magazine collections, he became well-known for his reoccurring “Amy and Jordan” comic strip. His primitive, geometric style illustrates the cynical couple’s lives and their interactions with otherworldly creatures and forces. Whilst Beyer’s bleak storylines often involve death, depression and existential dread, his playful drawing style uniquely depicts his dark sense of humour with a certain innocence. Alongside his work within the comics genre, Beyer paints, produces silkscreen prints and makes soft dolls. Mostly working solo, Beyer has also collaborated with writer Alan Moore.

Amy & Jordan
Amy & Jordan in ‘The Glass Thief’
“The Doubtful Bride”
Amy & Jordan ©

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