In 1925 Margarethe Held entered in contact with the spirits and communicated with her deceased husband and her father. In 1950, at the age of fifty-six, she began drawing : four hundred pastel drawings in four months – all dictated by spirits. Siwa ordered her to show to other mortals, through her compositions, that the universe contained secrets, that every being had a destiny and that nothing happened without a reason. Later on, the spirits made her write a book in which she described the messages she received, her travels to Jupiter and other planets. The faces drawn by Margarethe Held have the appearance of masks, representing the dead, gods, spirits and elves. There are the “good dead”, who possess a magical protective power, but also the “bad dead” who cause calamities and disasters. There are male or female elves, whose function is to help people in their work.

1) Sophia, Priestress in the Temple of Pallas Athene, u.d., chalk on paper © Sammlung Zander, Bönnigheim
2) Survimmas, God of the weather, u.d., chalk on paper © Sammlung Zander, Bönnigheim
3) Uzovar from Hungary, u.d., chalk on paper © Sammlung Zander, Bönnigheim

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