Luboš Plný is the only child of a possessive mother. Already as a child he was drawn to two phenomena : graphic art and anatomy. He used to dissect dead animals and in adulthood attended a number of autopsies on human corpses.
After leaving elementary school he went into apprenticeship to learn electro-mechanics. There, as a boarder, he was subjected to a semi-military regime. On the other hand, however, Luboš was suddenly free from his parents‘ supervision, since they had heaped an unnatural amount of attention on him. Confused at having so much freedom, he would wander off from the school and then make up nonsensical excuses for his absences. He also had problems maintaining discipline during his military service, which resulted in his transfer to a psychiatric clinic. He was diagnosed as having schizophrenia simplex, which is not usually accompanied by hallucinations. Consequently he began an intensive study of psychiatric and medical literature.
After the army he worked for six years as an electro-mechanic with Czech Railways. At the age of twenty-seven he was accorded an invalidity pension. After 1989 he became a model at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he strove to acquire the non-existent title of “academic model“. To this end he intensively developed his body and amassed a number of recommendations from specialists, studios, medical reports and the photographs, in which he styled his poses on figures from the history of graphic art. In 2000 the rector of the Academy finally awarded him with the long-coveted title. Luboš made a special stamp “Luboš Plný – academic model“, which became the identifying trademark of his creative work.
His works in ink, reworked with acrylic, often contain organic materials : blood, hair, pieces of skin and even teeth. Its main theme is the body, that he explores in anatomical sections with multiple points of view. Despite a realistic precision, he sometimes decides to exclude certain parties, but always paies great attention to the head and genitals. The absence of thyroid on some drawings – a surgery he underwent recently – indicates that we might be in the presence of self-portraits.

1) © Collection ABCD, Montreuil
2) © Collection ABCD, Montreuil
3) Lobectomia Subtotalis, 2017, Ink, acrylic, collage on paper © Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York

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