J.J. CROMER (1967, USA)

The self-taught artist J.J. Cromer, born in 1967, spent most of his life in central Appalachia. Now he live on a small farm in Pound, Virginia, where he raise ducks and geese with his wife. He had a master’s degree in creative writing and he worked as a librarian.
From 1998, frustrated with his job, he began working with oil pastels in his spare time and developed a style featuring clothespin-like figures, expressing his concern with ecology. His earlier works are mostly heavy and colorful with figural content or light drawings with printed collage elements and ethereal line drawing. Cromer later began to combine this techniques, creating bold works with shapes reminiscent of landscape and sky. He often recovers his previous works, reusing pieces through collage or reconstructing through composition. Much like the alphabet’s 26 letters, permits endless expression, Cromer believes he can create a wide range of artworks through rearranging specific forms, lines and colours from his earlier works. 
He depicts his environmental concerns in a deliberately ambiguous way, encouraging viewers to apply their own life experiences to extract meanings.
J.J. Cromer was the subject of a featured article in the Fall 2010 issue of Raw Vision. 
His work is represented in the High Museum of Art; The American Visionary Art Museum; Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art; and The Taubman Museum of Art.

1) I do indeed enjoy the pranks of your vibrations, 2013
2) Turkey trot, 2013
3) Snakeskin and marble, 2013
4) The ejected reprobate, 2013
5) A mouth for curing, 2013
6) How to milk a flint rock, 2013

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