The self-taught artist Ionel Talpazan was born in Petrachioaia, Romania. When he was 8 years old, he experienced the presence of a UFO while sleeping by a lake close to his home. From this moment on, Ionel explained his knowledge of UFO technology through his drawings.
In 1987, he escaped Romania by swimming the Danube River, and lived in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and was able to emigrate to the US as a political refugee. He lives in New York, where he often sells his work on the street.
His mediumistic creativity permitted him to channel information and images from an otherworldly source, and produce artwork as a way of partnering with this source. Ionel has reproduced the UFO technology through the production of several drawings of alien spacecraft. These are often colorful, dynamic views of what a craft might look like to the human eye. 
His power comes from the consciousness of possessing the knowledge for which no measurable language yet esists, yet he feels obliged to present it to the world in a easy way.

Untitled (Artistul….), 2008, Felt tip on paper, 50.6 x 76.1 cm © Galerie Christian Berst
untitled, 1993, coloured pencil and felt-tip on paper, 30.4 x 38.99 cm, © Galerie Christian Berst
Untitled, 2007, Graphite and coloured felt on paper, 50.6 x 76.1 cm © Galerie Christian Berst

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