Evelyne Postic (born Mazaloubaud) was born in 1951 at the Hotel Dieu Lyon, France. Dancing, her first love, it was canceled due to a serious lung disease that struck her at 5. In addition, the separation of her parents made her a strong sense of abandonment. She was able to escape from his problems only through paper and crayons.
At the age of 18 he ran away with her future first husband, from whom she separated after 12 years of convivence (they had three children). Evelyne moved to Grenoble, and she invented a parallel world to escape from the problems of her life: she beginning to draw and paint subjects with human, animal and vegetal forms. She’s working on the adaptation of the living being to its environment, the evolution of species to survive. The infinite variety of forms of marine worlds, land and invisible fascinates her.
The first works, dated 1985, are pretty graphics, while since 1995 the lines are soft supple curves.
The characters, whose hands and feet are often highlighted, are always in profile. The huge eyes and big lips are perhaps a reminder of Africa of her dreams.

1) Entendre en bleu, 2016
2) Les fils de la vie, 2014
3) Herbarium, 2012

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