Damian Michaels was born in Virginia in 1969, his earliest years were nomadic owing to the demands of his father’s job. In the mid-1970s the family settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of eight, Michaels experienced his first epiphany, in the form of a visitation from his dead cousin Annie. While playing outside his grandparents’ house, he sensed a presence behind him and in his body. Annie’s voice (at the time he believed she was alive) spoke softly to him, saying she would love him and be with him throughout his life. He ran to the house, where his grandmother was on the phone receiving news of Annie’s passing. ‘Most of my childhood was wonderful, especially with precognitive abilities and connecting with “the other side”,’ he explains. ‘I was very comfortable with it and loved spending that time alone to indulge my spiritual side. Yes, I saw some terrible things, but overall it was mostly good.’ Since that time Michaels has experienced various levels of openness to visionary experience, although he believes that in general children ‘experience déjà vu and other phenomena more regularly than adults’, who are somewhat ‘dulled to their world’.

Photos (© Damian Michaels):
1) Untitled, 2014, Ink drawing on vintage cabinet card
2) It Comes!, 2001, Biro ink on paper, Private collection, Canada
3) The Attic, Biro ink on paper, Musée de la Creation Franche

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