Chiyuki Sakagami was born in 1961 in Japan. Now she lives in Kobe, but she claims that she was born 6 billion years ago in the Precambrian sea, where the fish have sought her to survive in the ocean waters.  After exploring different continents she has found herself on a volcanic island, awakened from sleep and surrounded by humans.
Sakagami reports on paper what she saw during her wanderings, from Paleozoic to Mesozoic era. Annually she produces three or four works, because the energy and focus she need to the realization are too fatiguing.
The form is generated by an automatic gesture, which develops in strokes and points, and again resumed, until the composition occupies the entire surface of the canvas: just like the process that generates a memory, the Japanese author, search a way to find her home, her secure environment.
Her works transport the viewer into a universe evoking animals and fantastic creatures, an ancient world, surrounded by a quiet sound of the sea, away from humanity.

1) Untitled, © Collection abcd art brut
2) Untitled, © Collection abcd art brut
3) Quepzalcoatl Azul, 1979 © Olivier Laffely, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne

Bio: MEM, Collection abcd

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