Michelangelo Lovelace

1960, Cleveland (USA) For a long time art has been made to be understood by everyone. You can easily get scared by looking at the demons that adorn medieval churches and find out how the image should be understood by anyone. To do this, it was necessary to simplify.Michelangelo Lovelace is like this: he shouts the […]

David Thomas Roberts

After the first article of Contaminations, dedicated to Tommaso Buldini, the journey among the influences of the outsider art world continues in America with the art of David Thomas Roberts. David Thomas Roberts is a self-taught painter, poet, composer and important pianist born in 1955 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He showed me his work and answered […]


Vascello di ieri, Acrylic on paper, 35×45 Il mondo di Tommaso Buldini (Bologna, 1979) è fatto di viscere, diavoli, corpi (integri o a pezzi), meduse e scheletri, con tanti rimandi alle raffigurazioni medievali, a Gummo, Méliès, Bosch e all’Art Brut. È con un articolo su di lui che ho deciso di inaugurare la nuova sezione […]

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