MICHELANGELO LOVELACE(1960 | Cleveland, USA) For a long time art has been made to be understood by everyone. You can easily get scared by looking at the demons that adorn medieval churches and find out how the image should be understood by anyone. To do this, it was necessary to simplify.Michelangelo Lovelace is like this: he […]


David Thomas Roberts is a self-taught painter, poet, composer and important pianist born in 1955 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He showed me his work and answered some of my questions to better understand his relationship with Outsider Art.


The world of Tommaso Buldini (1979, Bologna – Italy) is made up of innards, devils, bodies (whole or in pieces), Medusa’s heads and skeletons, in addition to other references such as medieval representations, Gummo movie, Méliès, Bosch and Art Brut. I decided to start the new Contamination section of Outsider Art Now with an article about him. In fact, Contamination includes […]

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