NOF4 (Oreste Fernando Nannetti)1927-1994 | Italy   Volterra, Padiglione Ferri, NOF4 Photo: © Gloria Marchini La Legge 180 del 13 maggio 1978, nota anche come Legge Basaglia, ha permesso la chiusura degli ospedali psichiatrici italiani: i pazienti furono trasferiti in specifici reparti degli ospedali civili, mentre le costruzioni vennero gradualmente abbandonate o riconvertite.Il manicomio di San Girolamo di […]


PALAIS IDÉAL DU FACTEUR CHEVAL (1879-1912, FRANCE) During one of his rounds, in april 1879, at the age of 43, the postman Ferdinand Cheval, stumbles against such an odd stone that it awakes a dream. Real self-taught, he devotes 33 years of his life to build a dream palace in his garden alone. His inspiration comes […]


1932 | BELARUS Nicolai Tarasyuk was born in 1932 in the community of Pruzhany, near the forest.  During the World War II has restricted his childhood education, and brought traumatic events to the area. Nicolai was not affected by this disasters and he lived all his life in his farm. He married in 1953, had […]


THE LITTLE CHAPEL 1878-1951 | UNITED KINGDOM The Little Chapel of Les Vauxbelets was rebuilt twice before its creator was satisfied with his work. Brother Déodat joined the Guernsey Christian Schools in 1913 and devoted his life to building a miniature replica of the Basilica and Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The first chapel […]


1933 | ITALY The farmer Fiorenzo Pilia was born in 1933. He had no formal and artistic education, but at the age of sixty he began making sculptures with residual material, resin, scraps and waste. The garden that Pilia began decorating in 1993 in 4.000 mq, outside the Sardinian village of San Sperate (Sardinia), represents […]


PIERRE RAPEAU 1935-2007 | FRANCE Pierre Rapeau, a biology  teacher, was born in the Perigord area of France. One day, tired of the world, he returned in the local forest, where he had a lively memory of the walks he made with his grandmother, collecting mushrooms and herbs.  “In the early 1980s, I was suffering from […]


M.T. LIGGETT – POLITICAL SCULPTURE GARDEN 1930- | USA M.T. Liggett’s brightly painted metal cartoon figures dominate the roadside along a busy highway near Mullinville, Kansas, for almost a mile. In 1989, after retiring from a career in the military, Liggett returned to the farm on which he was born and began making metal sculptures […]


THE HEIDELBERG PROJECT 1955- | USA Having grown un on Heidelberg Street and witnessed the tragic effect of the Detroit riot as a child, Tyree Guyton set about cleaning up the decaying area with the help of his grandfather Sam Mackey, his former wife Karen, and neighborhood children. In 1986, using the refuse they collected, […]


LEONARD KNIGHT – SALVATION MOUNTAIN (1931-) | USA Leonard Knight began painting and creating his Salvation Mountain after a failed attempt to fly the world’s largest balloon, which he had spent ten years trying to make. Knight decided to stay on in the launch area, in a part of the desert known as Slab City. […]


JOHN MILKOVISCH – THE BEERCAN HOUSE 1912-1988 | USA In 1968, tired of mowing his lawn, retired railway upholsterer John Milkovisch (1912-1988) concreted over his garden and embedded thousands of marbles, buttons, rocks and pieces of metal in the paths, the walls and the wooden fence. When his wife, Mary, asked him to clad the […]


KARL JUNKER – JUNKERHAUS 1850-1912 | GERMANY Karl Junker devoted his life to a single visionary project, constructing a heavily ornamented house at Lemgo, near Hanover, Gemany. After studying architecture in Munich, Junker used money he had received from an inheritance to build the house. He led a solitary life living alone for 22 years, […]


GUERINO GALZERANO 1922-2002 | ITALY Guerino Galzerano was a baseborn farmer from Cilento (South Italy). After the marriage he emigrated to Germany as a hodman. In the 70s he was imprisoned in the psychiatric hospital of Aversa after a serious act of violence: in the outdoor spaces of the asylum he produced his first works. When he […]


Dr EVERMOR – FOREVERTRON 1939- | USA In 1983 salvage worker Tom O Every (Dr Evermor) passed his scrap business on to his son, began to call himself “Dr Evermor”, and started on the task of creating “Forevertron”, a massive construction designed to travel in space. The visionary piece of his sculpture, made from scrap […]


JACQUES LUCAS  1944- | FRANCE After meeting the sculptor Robert Tatin in 1968, Jacques Lucas was inspired to begin work on his house near Rennes, Britanny. He covered the building with heavily ornamented reinforced structures, their forms and swirling patterns reminescent of the stonework of medieval cathedrals. Lucas brought his wide knowledge of the architecture […]


KEVIN DUFFY – TUDOR VILLAGE 1945- | UNITED KINGDOM Kevin Duffy is a self-taught artist who has spent the last years building his own visionary environment. The only purpose of his buildings is to satisfy a need in Kevin to build, to create something. Kevin Duffy è un artista autodidatta che ha passato gli ultimi […]


PEARL FRYAR 1940- | USA Pearl Fryar started making his Topiary Garden in 1984 in a successful bid to win a prestigious local competition. He taught himself to prune and shape the trees and shrubs he had planted in his 3 acre garden, using a petrol-driven hedge trimmer and starting with a few plants. Working […]


MELINA RICCIO (1951, ITALY) Carmela “Melina” Riccio, was born in 1951, in Ariano Irpino (Italy). Until the age of 33 she spent a common life taking care of her three children; she had worked as a modeller.In 1983, during the MACEF fair (International Home Show), she exhibited her realization, a bedspread with hand-painted lampshades and […]


1907-1984 | Mexico L’imponente costruzione denominata Las Pozas è situata nella giungla messicana ed è stata ideata da un eccentrico aristocratico inglese, Edward James. Poeta e mecenate a stretto contatto con i surrealisti, James si innamorò di questa zona isolata durante un viaggio nel 1945 a Xilitla. Nel 1962 James fu in grado di iniziare la costruzione di un magico […]


DANIELLE JACQUI 1934- | FRANCE Danielle Jacqui was born in 1934 in Nice, to a jeweler father and a militant communist mother.   The early 1970s were a founding period for Jacqui. She met Claude Leclercq, her second husband, who became a close companion in her artistic career until his death in 2000. A fellow […]


BILLY TRIPP 1955- | AMERICA William Blevins (Billy) Tripp, born 1955 in Jackson, Tennessee, is a nationally known practitioner of outsider art as well as the author of numerous poems and a novel, “The Mindfield Years”, published in 1996. He’s the creator of “The Mindfield”, the largest work in progress and outdoor sculpture in Tennessee. […]


BRUNO WEBER 1931-2011 | SWITZERLAND Bruno Weber was born in 1931 in Dietikon, Switzerland, and grew up in a large Baroque house which, he recalled, had “many mysterious rooms [which] had never really been explored”. The experience, he said, made a lasting impression on his imagination. At the age of 12 he began painting with […]


VEIJO RÖNKKÖNEN 1944–2010 | FINLAND Veijo Rönkkönen was born in 1944, and he has lived all of his life in an isolated farm in Parikkala, Finland, near the Russian border. Here he has build a garden inhabitated by nearly five hundred human figures made of concrete.  At his 16th, Veijo went to work in a […]


ANNUNZIO LAGOMARSINI 1932-| ITALY   Annunzio Lagomarsini has worked for many years in the family building company: he taught himself engineering and structural aspects for built several constructions. Since 1977, for seven years, he created his “flying house” near LaSpezia, Liguria, where he lived with his wife. He used rejects from the building sites or […]


RICHARD GREAVES 1952- | CANADA The self-taught artist Richard Greaves was born in the Montreal area in 1952. He studied theology and worked in the hotel business. Since 1989, he has devoted himself to the creation of a huge architectural environment in Beauce, Quebec, that is in constant expansion: Greaves erects cabins that appear to […]


NEK CHAND 1924 – | INDIA Nek Chand Saini is an Indian self-taught artist famous for building the Rock Garden, an eighteen acre sculpture garden in Chandigarh, India. In 1951, Chand moved to Chandigarh to work as a road inspector for the Indian government’s Public Works Department. In 1958, he began collecting shaped rocks, discarded […]


1901-1972 | SWITZERLAND Swiss born Armand Schulthess attended commercial college before doing an apprenticeship in an import-export company. From 1923 to 1935 owned a firm making women’s clothes in Zurich, then Geneva, which had to close due to economic recession. Subsequently he got a job in the commercial division of the Swiss Federal Department of […]

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