Adam Grippo began drawing at the age of 30. His enigmatic works have been described as unique and mysterious.
Adam says that his works are always strongly autobiographical. He creates them almost always to get though unpleasant occurrences. His artwork is done until his personal point has been made. 
When he creates his work he never has fun: the realization is stressful, but this suffering helps him to get distracted.
He uses a board, for the larger pieces and paper for the small works. Adam works with rollerball pen and also acrylic paint. All the work is done on his bed.
He usually doesn’t have an idea of what he has done is considered “good” or even “art” because to him the results are more like personal pictures than drawings.
He has exhibited in various galleries in Europe and the USA.

Photo courtesy of Adam Grippo:
1) Untitled, 2013
2) Untitled, 2014
3) Untitled, 2014
4) Untitled, 2015
5) Untitled, 2017
6) Untitled, 2016
7) Untitled, 2017
8) Untitled, 2018
9) Untitled, 2018

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