1943-2005 | USA Nata a Cincinnati, Ohio, in una famiglia della media borghesia, a differenza di sua sorella gemella, Judith è affetta dalla sindrome di Down. A seguito di un attacco di scarlattina nella prima infanzia, perde l’udito, anche se questo problema le viene riconosciuto solo molti anni […]


1957 | ITALY Born in Lodi, Italy, in 1957. An organic infection retarded his mental development and caused autism: after several stays in a psychiatric environment, he was admitted to a hospital near Pavia in 1979. Here Di Giovanni collected objects that were kept in […]


1901-1972 | SWITZERLAND Swiss born Armand Schulthess attended commercial college before doing an apprenticeship in an import-export company. From 1923 to 1935 owned a firm making women’s clothes in Zurich, then Geneva, which had to close due to economic recession. Subsequently he got a job […]


BEN WILSON 1963-| ENGLAND “Out of stillness really, you make something and you don’t impose a thing on the place but it comes out of the place”. “Fuori dalla quiete, tu puoi realizzare qualcosa senza imporre nulla al posto, ma facendolo uscire dal luogo stesso”.  […]


JILL GALLIÉNI 1948 – | FRANCE Jill Galliéni was born in 1948 to an American mother and a French father – an actor. Brought up away from her parents, her father took over her care when she was seven. Jill always creates strange fabric dolls […]


1987 | JAPAN Shinichi Sawada was born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Diagnosed as autistic, he found employment in the hospital bakery of the Ritto Nakayoshi Sagyojo (institute for the mentally disabled, in the city of Kusatsu). In 2001, the professor directing the workshop where Sawada […]


SERGE DELAUNAY 1956-| BELGIUM Serge Delaunay and his six brothers was raised by his aunt, because his mother left him when he was young and his father returned to his native France in 1968. Delaunay suffered deeply from this abandonment. He entered at the age of […]


1909-1992 | USA L’artista autodidatta Morton Bartlett, orfano all’età di otto anni – come Henry Darger a cui viene spesso paragonato – fu adottato da una ricca famiglia del Massachusetts. Questa gli permise di frequentare la Philipps Exter Academy e la Harvard University che lui […]