1892-1973 | Chicago “The story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion”, ovvero 15000 pagine trovate per caso da Nathan Lerner, proprietario di una stanza di Chicago in […]


1992 | IRAN Mohammad Kazemzadeh è un giovane artista iraniano nato il 31 gennaio 1992. In quel giorno avrebbe dovuto nascere insieme ad un fratello gemello, ma sfortunatamente i medici sono riusciti a salvare solo lui. Gli anni di scuola primaria resero evidenti alcuni problemi […]


1945 | SWITZERLAND Guy Brunet was 16 when he began filling school notebooks with screenplays. Gradually, he took up drawing as well, at first using colored pencils to create his storyboards. Later he would go on to draw and paint his own movie posters on the […]


1926-1998 | BRASIL Antonio Roseno de Lima è nato nel 1926 ad Alessandria (Rio Grande do Norte, Brasile). Le modeste condizioni economiche della sua famiglia lo hanno obbligato a lavorare sin da giovane: creava gabbie per uccelli, oggetti in legno e cucchiai. Dopo un matrimonio di […]


BRUNO MONTPIED 1954- | FRANCE Bruno Montpied was born in 1954 in Boulogne-sur-Seine. He now lives in Paris where he makes a living as a monitor of extracurricular school activities. At the age of twenty he was inspired by surrealism and he began painting and […]


MARIA PRIMACHENKO 1908-1997 | UKRAINE Maria Primachenko was born in Bolotnya, a village near Chernobyl (Kyiv), in 1908. As a young girl, she contracted polio, and this grave illness affected her childood’s life. At an early age she used to paint the interior of her […]


1953- | TURKEY – FRANCE Ody Saban was born in Istanbul, Turkey, to a Sephardic Jewish family. Her parents divorced when she was just five, her mother re-married a Turkish Muslim, whose artistic tendencies made their marl on the creative young girl. From the age […]


1940- | NETHERLANDS Herman Bossert was born in Amsterdam, in 1940, formerly a French teacher by profession. He’s a self-taught artist which creates paintings of mysterious town and city scenes that evokes associations with expressionism and surrealism. A major upheaval in 2001 led him to focus […]


CARLO TORRIGHELLI – C.T. 1909-1983 | ITALY Carlo Torrighelli, better known as C.T., was an “ante-litteram writer”, active in Milan especially near Castello Sforzesco and Porta Garibaldi Station, at the end of 1970. He was born in Laveno (Lake Maggiore), in 1909. Active in the […]


1952 | ISRAEL Albert Mouhadeb was born in 1952 in Lebanon and was brought up by his parents as the sixth of seven children. In 1970 the family immigrated to Israel.  After spending some time in a Kibbutz he was recruited to the army and […]


1910-1983 | USA Eugene von Bruenchenhein è nato e cresciuto a Marinette (Wisconsin), dove ha trascorso gran parte della sua vita lavorando in una panetteria. Senza speranze di successo, l’artista autodidatta ha sviluppato una tecnica pittorica unica: usando le dita per manipolare rapidamente la pittura […]


1978- | JAPAN Motooka Hidenori was born in Hyôgo district and now lives in Kôbe, in Japan. As a small child, he was intrigued by trains. He often goes to the railway station to photograph them, always front view, and then files the photographs with […]