This blog wants to talk about Outsider Art, term coined by Roger Cardinal in 1972 to describe art created outside the boundaries of official culture. Outsider Art acquires “Art Brut” heritage, category created by Jean Dubuffet in 1945 to illustrate artistic productions of self-taught or patients of asylums, outside the conventional aesthetic standards. With this definition, the French artist wanted to define a spontaneous art, fresh and instinctive, “mad” and wild, independent from culture. We can find all these ingredients in Outsider Art, made from self-taught artists and never institutionalized ones.



Gloria Marchini graduated in Promotion of Cultural Heritage at Brera Academy of Milan (Italy), and she is specializized in Digital Applications for Art. In 2014 she founded outsiderartnow.com, in order to help the development of the themes of both Art Brut and Outsider Art in Italy. Ever since, she has been working along with Rizomi ArtBrut Gallery, previously in Turin and now in Parma. She is also one of the founding members of Artètipi, an Italian cultural association which aims to spread the knowledge and culture of Art Brut, Art Naif, Outsider Art and Folk Art.


Here and there

Online Exhibition #130 curated by Gloria Marchini for the NIAD Center: Framed / Unframed, october 2017.
Incontri ai confini. Art Brut e Design, Varese, Varese Design Week, april 11, 2017
Exhibition curated by Artètipi and conference about Art Brut and Design with Nicola Mazzeo (Rizomi Art Brut) and Gloria Marchini (Outsider Art Now).
Article for the event

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